Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bloggers Lead Where Others Fear to Tread

There seems to be a dearth of good ideas these days. Governments and political parties set up Think Tanks which consume a lot of the taxpayers' money and come up with very little to show for it. As a result the politics of change, transformational politics,  never gets off the ground and is left standing at the starting post. How futile and how embarrassing, but have no fear the bloggers are here and ideas and comments as well as a number of disclosures and 'leaks' are on display for all to see, peruse, examine and dismember. If there is no action in parliament, in the assemblies or in the council chambers at least there is action here on the Blogosphere, with an array of views, opinions, comments, proposals, objections, revelations and all the rest. Bloggers are indubitably doing a service for democracy and mankind.

More and more politicians of every hue check out the blogs to ascertain the direction in which the electorate is heading and to assess the political trends of the nation, whether that be the Welsh, the Scottish, the Irish, the English or the Cornish nation. New ideas are changing the face of politics in Britain from the voluntary contributions of bloggers who freely give their time to air their concerns and make a difference. Anybody, whether he or she is actively employed in the political sphere or not, from those who stalk the leaders and senior politicians in  the corridors of power to the blogger in the lonely cottage on the Welsh hillside, can express his/her beliefs and thoughts with a few deft strokes on the keyboard and make a contribution to the debate.

The media has come to recognise the existence of the blogs and several media celebrities possess a blog of their own. MPs and AMs have their blog and some make regular postings on matters of significance often on a daily basis while others make their appearance belatedly or blog at infrequent intervals. Blogs have their group of loyal followers who constantly keep an eye on the movement of events and consult their favourite blogs to weigh up the pros and cons and find a balanced view. Blogs are read around the world at all hours of the day or night and statistical counters show the locations where blogs are read as well as recording the size of the readership from day to day enabling the creator to estimate the impact of the post. Blogs have become an important and indispensable cog in the political wheel, a democratic breakthrough and a force to be reckoned with.


We think that the U.N. has made a case for going to war with Saddam Hussein so we will go ahead and invade anyway. In any case we have the support of President Bush who has given his blessing. No weapons of mass destruction  have been found but the British public believes they exist.

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