Sunday, 31 January 2010

IRAN: God is not pleased

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Iran has hanged two people who have opposed the regime of the Ayatollahs for "waging war against God".
Homosexuals too are being persecuted and hanged for offences against God.
First, who is God, and if he/she exists how can a mere mortal have the gall or the temerity to speak on his/her behalf? Secondly, how can the regime assume that they are acting in the name of the Un-nameable and Unknowable and take upon themselves the dispensation of justice when it is they who have usurped the power of the Almighty?
It is time they interpreted the religious teachings in the way they were intended and in the light of Truth..

Female suicide bomber kills dozens in Iraq

Iraqis making a pilgrimage to Karbala to mark the annual festival of Arbaeen.
The attack happened as pilgrims walked through Baghdad
At least 41 people have been killed and 106 injured by a female suicide bomber in north-east Baghdad, an interior ministry spokesman has said.
The woman detonated an explosives vest among a group of pilgrims making the journey to Karbala, 80km from Baghdad. A witness described seeing a fireball.

Is Iraq the next holiday hotspot?

US soldiers stare at three busts of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad

By Tamsyn Kent 
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Everyones Favourite Comrade said...

It's not really about religion. History is littered with examples of governments or rulers who ruled in the name of religion who were extremely barbaric and repressive in order to maintain their power grip, so the religion must be interpreted in such a way by these governments in order to do that.

Essentially, a barbaric regime will be barbaric whatever, in this case they use the excuse of religion buts thats exactly what it is an excuse

Juan Farengi said...


I would respectfully suggest that you obtain a copy of the Q'uran and see for yourself the actuality of the teachings within.

The Ayatollahs are the representatives of their God, Allah, upon earth. They administer the 'laws' contained in the Q'uran in a literal manner.

The Q'uran is entirely the work of one person, Mohammed. He alone, has allegedly communicated with Allah, and the Q'uran, as written, is not for interpretation, dissemination or discussion. You obey to the letter or suffer apsotasy and its consequences.

They do administer Q'uranic doctrine in precisely the way that they were intended to. There is no 'Light of Truth' within Islam unless you submit, unconditionally and literally, to its teachings.

The word 'Islam' means 'peace' whereas the term 'Muslim' means 'one who submits'. Without that submission, there is no peace. And that goes for us as non-believers too.

There are no half measures in Islam. It's all or nothing.

alanindyfed said...

There is the "light of Truth" in Islam but it is only realised by Sufis.
Literal application of the teachings, in the Bible and Q'uran are the province of fundamentalists from these religions (e.g.Wahabis).
The Q'uran is discussed and dissected throughout the Muslim world, as I have witnessed.
The Creator has given mankind the ability to discern the truth, not to accept without question.

alanindyfed said...

You are right that barbaric regimes use religion as an excuse. However in the case of Iran it is a Theocratic dictatorship and they actually believe that they are doing the will of Allah.