Monday, 25 January 2010

Transformational Politics in Wales

Welsh society, in company with British society as a whole, is in dire need of change, and not only change, but transformation. In Scotland the incidence of alcohol abuse is the highest in Britain. In England drug abuse is prevalent among the younger generation and teenage pregnancies are still on the rise. There is something drastically wrong with society; the malfunction begins in the home and in the schools. Education begins in the home and if the home is lacking in structure and guidance the effect will be reflected and magnified in society as a whole.

Education as it is today is not a preparation for life but a cramming institution for the purpose of acquiring qualifications and skills to gain employment. It does not devote sufficient time for relationship and communication skills, family responsibilities and social and community concerns, domestic management and home economics. The incidence of illiteracy is at an all-time high so that incorrect English finds its way into reputable newspapers and reports. A blatant example which is widespread is the confusion of "less" and "fewer", where fewer is rarely seen or heard, but is required for countable nouns, "less" being solely for uncountable nouns, yet it is used ubiquitously.

What is required is transformational politics, already in process in Scotland, which has the task of examining all aspects of society and the way it functions, identifying the areas which are problematic and creating radical solutions which can effect a real and lasting change. The present government has been ineffective and incompetent in these important matters, from the control of immigration to the prevention of drug smuggling and the prosecution of criminals. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the methods of dispensing justice, the role of the police and the management of immigration. Others matters deserve scrutiny, including the banking and financial systems, the infrastructure and the transport systems, public services - telephones, broadband and power supplies, housing and planning and flood prevention.

The imbalance between expenditure on the affluent South East and the impoverished areas in Wales and the North of England needs to be rectified and money directed to the places which are in greatest need. The cities which are run-down and desolate have been identified and these cities are in need of transformation, to bring them up to the standard of those which are vaunted as being pleasant and attractive and conducive to a good quality of life. Change is insufficient - only a radical and fundamental transformation will suffice. In Wales, the British parties do not have the vision - only a party that is true to the spirit of Wales can make a difference.


From RON DAVIES (surely you will remember him).............

I endorse Glyndwr one hundred percent
Unfortunately the Labour Party has turned its back on working people and the needs of our communities in Wales. It has squandered the rich potential of 13 years of rule and now serves only its own interests as seen from London.
Faced with a choice of Labour cuts or Tory cuts, we in Wales will have to unify and fight anew for democracy and social justice.
The fight will be led by passionate, articulate and committed patriots like Glyndwr Jones the Plaid Cymru candidate for Merthyr in the General Election to whom I offer my 100% endorsement.
Good luck Glyndwr.
Ron Davies