Saturday, 1 December 2007

There's a Place for Them, Somewhere a Place for Them

I don't know where good ideas come from but one came drifting by and caught my imagination. That is, that the people in Wales, Welsh or otherwise, who consider themselves British Nationalists, Unionists, Union Flag-wavers and their supporters and hangers-on should be given a place where they may wave and salute their flag to their heart's content. This proposed British paradise and sanctuary is the Falkland Islands, and it could well be named "New Britain". Though rather barren, it has plenty of spare land which could be utilised for redevelopment where they could set up Military Academies for example, complete with flagpoles, as well as British Legion halls, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and even Masonic Halls, where they could organise rallies, garden parties, flower shows,marching bands, investiture ceremonies - the list is endless!
The British national anthem could be played through loudspeakers mounted at strategic locations around the island as well as in the cinemas once more. At noon a 21-gun salute could be fired to raise the moral of the inhabitants. Statues could be erected in commemoration of Lord Kitchener, Winston Churchill, Lord Beaverbrook, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Who knows, under the right guidance and jurisdiction it could become another "Singapore"?
Serious and thoughtful comments appreciated......


Anonymous said...

Ah another Rhydian fan

Miss Wagstaff said...

Hope you've had permission to use that photo of Peter Hain. £5000 usually helps.