Sunday, 23 December 2007

Green-eyed Goddesses of Impressive Stature

Green eyes are the product of moderate amounts of melanin. They are most often found among people of North and Eastern European descent, and to a slightly lesser extent, in Southern Europe, and parts of Central and South Asia. Green eyes are the rarest eye color; only 1-2% of human population possesses this trait. Hungary is the country with the highest percentage of green eyed people, about 20%. In Iceland 88% of the population have green or blue eyes.

It seems that in Latvia and Lithuania green eyes predominate. I have noticed that a great number of people here have green eyes. They also exchange girth for height as there appear to be virtually no obese people but many women are slim and over six feet in height and when they look towards you their green eyes focus on a point way above your head. Possibly the lack of sunshine accounts for this phenomenon as a plant tends to grow tall and straggly in its effort to reach the light.
Alan in Dyfed

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