Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The End of the Road

The road to Independence ends with the reality of Independence without a doubt.
It is only a matter of time as the process of devolution is the process of evolution in Cymru and in the other nations which are still tied to the coat-tails of John Bull. The times they are a-changing and nothing will be the same as the political complexion of Europe assumes its multi-faceted identity. Within most of the nations of Europe, particularly those which are the most developed, will be found an ethnic diversity comprising people of assorted cultures and traditions. Provision will have to be made to accommodate the new conditions so that tolerance and acceptance prevail. At the same time minority languages, as well as national customs and festivals, must be preserved and encouraged to avoid society becoming a faceless stereotype devoid of colour and variety. This is the way of social and political evolution in the emerging union of European nations. YMLAEN!

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