Saturday, 15 December 2007

Back in the Saddle - the Horse is Latvian!

Alice leads the way for Welsh learners
Dec 15 2007 by Abby Alford, South Wales Echo

A CANTONESE speaker is so taken with the Welsh language that she is starring in a TV commercial to promote it.
Former restaurateur Alice Cheung , 48, a mum of two from Whitchurch, Cardiff, will be seen in the Welsh Assembly Government’s Welsh for adults advertising campaign, We’ll Bring Out The Cymraeg In You.
Originally from Hong Kong, Cantonese is Alice’s mother tongue. She also speaks Mandarin and is learning Welsh with a private tutor and by practising with her Welsh-speaking daughter Jin, 21, and son Wing, 22.
“I’m really enjoying learning Welsh,” said Alice.
“It’s a fascinating language and, although it’s quite difficult, particularly the pronunciation, I hope one day to be able to converse with local people in Welsh.”
Alice, who now works as a freelance interpreter, added: “I’m at quite a basic level at the moment but I’m really enjoying the experience.”

Do you think that all ethnic immigrants to Wales should be given free Welsh lessons and encouraged to learn the language and send their children to Ysgolion Cymraeg?


Anonymous said...

Yes, all immigrants should be encouraged to learn Welsh and send their children to Welsh schools. I don't see any need to differentiate between ethnic immigrants and the English though.

alanindyfed said...

Of course not.
After all the English in Wales are ethnic immigrants, aren't they?