Saturday, 1 December 2007

What is the Purpose of the Wales Office.............

..........except to interfere with the governance procedures of the Welsh Assembly?
........and to obstruct and delay the advance of devolution to ultimate independence?

The purpose of the Wales Office is to scrutinise the Legislative Competence Orders from the Welsh Assembly, and to funnel them through Westminster in order that approval may be given to the Assembly decisions which have already been agreed within Wales. Thus, all laws passed by the Assembly have to be given permission by Peter Hain and the Westminster government before they are granted and the policies delivered to the people of Wales.
All this is quite unnecessary, as the government is now conducted competently by the Welsh National Assembly. This was the intention of devolution in any case. There is no need for the Wales Office to interfere in the governing of Wales, and it is quite superfluous. By almost doubling the amount of funding it receives the Treasury is wasting taxpayers money, which could be better spent by providing services within Wales, particularly as money is tight, due to the excesses and mismanagement of resources during the ten years that Labour has been in office. In my opinion the Wales Office should be preparing the ground for a full Parliament for Wales. Otherwise it should be abolished and its funding used for the benefit of the Welsh people.

ADDENDUM : Peter Hain made "an administrative error" and another, and another and another - by failing to declare a number of donations to his bid for Deputy Leadership of the scrupulously transparent Labour Party.


Anonymous said...

When Wales gets independence its legally due a pro capita share of all the British Government's assets ..... Gwydr House would make a fine Welsh Embassy/High Commission building in London.

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