Thursday, 20 December 2007

Wales Could Learn a Lesson from the Baltic States

Since I have been in Latvia and Lithuania I have not seen a scrap of litter on the streets and everything is kept fastidiously clean and tidy. It is ingrained in the consciousness of the people. The people themselves are exceedingly smart and well turned-out, especially the women who walk like fashion models in their winter furs and boots, looking regal and statuesque as they stride along. What a stark contrast they present to the street sights of Britain. It is very noticeable and quite startling to observe the differences. In Britain what is needed is a social revolution in attitudes of mind and a pride in appearance and demeanour. I do not know if this will happen in my lifetime, but I am giving myself another 30 years, so who knows, it might!

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Anonymous said...

I agree .... free market economics, membership of Nato ... yes, Wales has a lot to learn from the Baltic states