Thursday, 20 December 2007

Part II : Whatever Happened to Obesity?

As I look around me in the streets of these two newly independent nations I see no sign of obesity whatsoever. The national dishes are healthy, appetizing and sustaining. There in Britain the hospitals are overflowing with patients suffering the symptoms and effects of obesity, tobacco, alcohol and self-abuse. Here there does not appear to be a problem. What is required in Wales is an enlightened education to bring about a revolution in caring for the body, physically and mentally, as the body is, it is said, the receptacle of the soul. This would vastly improve the health of the nation and virtually eliminate obesity, and also drastically reduce the burden on the NHS. So much money is wasted on treating the diseases that arise from neglect and abuse of the body, when a change of attitude is what is required so that the body is seen to be a holy chalice and not a garbage bin for the disposal of trash.


Anonymous said...

Trouble with the UK is that the big food companies, in league with government and the regulation fanatics have done their best to get rid of most of the tasty veg and fruit.

I know you won't believe me but they've actually outlawed dozens of variety of carrots for example ... people actually carry out an undercover trade in old tasty varieties which have been banned because they have not been thru the expensive EU certification process. So only the big food company owned and copyrighted varieties remain.

They say eat more fruit ... have you tried supermarket fruit, it is tasteless and goes form unripe to rotten in about 5 minutes.

alanindyfed said...

Why do you think I lived in Indonesia for 7 years?