Monday, 24 December 2007

Welsh Window to the World

Breaking news - Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 are now available in the Welsh language.


Anonymous said...

Lets not be fooled by Microsoft's apparent goodwill towards the language. They are well aware that Open Office and Linux can provide programs in Welsh and do so at a very modest cost as well.
We should be supporting Linus, Open Office and all open source programs whenever possible. For mor information go to:

Anonymous said...

Wales can do without Microsoft -

Gnu/Linux - Free and Open Source software is the most stable and free solution to all our I.T. needs as a nation.

Choose Debian or Ubuntu Linux as your operating system
And choose 'open office' for all your word processing needs.

Why pay Microsoft licences - no need to upgrade computers - Linux runs smoothly on weak computers

Don't be a microsoft slave