Sunday, 23 December 2007

Return from One Spell to another spell in ......Latvia.

Lithuania was something else and caters for every fantasy and I won't go into details but just say that today I was high-tailing it on the straight and narrow highway cutting its way through the flat and frosty landscape. Vilnius is renowned for its amber jewellery among other things as well as babushka dolls. The young woman sitting next to me spent half the four-hour journey on the mobile phone. I could have continued my journey on to Taillinn but the winter is not the best time to venture farther north. These two Baltic nations in the EU and Estonia have just this week been freed of the need for border checks and are a part of the Shengen Agreement giving free access across national borders. They revel in freedom from the yoke of Soviet domination and one wonders when Cymru will take a similar place in Europe and decolonise itself! Back in Riga Old Town I think to myself : I haven't seen sunshine since I left Wales a week or more ago!


Anonymous said...

decolonise but also desocialise ... Wales needs that too, Labourism has been a complete dead-end for Wales.

Anonymous said...

I'd make the most of that fanatasy business .... Harriet Harman's making it illegal here.

alanindyfed said...

Anon 1.
no, I think not desocialise, but decentralise and forget so-called New Labour.

Anon 2.
You bet!