Saturday, 8 December 2007

Successful Commemoration Despite the Weather

Around 100 people, mostly die-hard nationalists from as far afield as north Wales, Cardiff and the valleys of south Wales, attended the commemoration ceremony on the death of Prince Llywelyn in the year 1282. It was a very wet day and we stood in the rain sheltering under umbrellas after attending a memorial service in the ancient church and joining a procession along the road with the the flags of Cymru, Glyndwr and Dewi Sant flying in the wind and a band playing. Then we all had a good meal in the local pub and listened to musicians playing bagpipes,whistles, and mandolin.
We learned that Llywelyn the Last was not killed in a minor skirmish as we are led to believe but was treacherously murdered while on his way to parley with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the story does not cast the Church in a very good light. On hearing the news of Llywelyn's death his supporters gave up the fight and were rounded up. More than 4000 Welsh combatants had their hands bound behind their backs and their throats cut. They are now buried beneath the present football field.
King Edward I died exactly 700 years ago. Now that is something to celebrate! 700 years of struggle for Welsh independence and it is not over yet.

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