Thursday, 17 December 2009

WARNING of Malicious Attack

Open contains malicious elements which may attack and close down your blogsite.
If any blogger has it on his/her bloglist remove it immediately with Blogger layout tools. Your site will then be protected. As we are aware, it is no fault of theirs.


The vision of the Libertarian Party is a society with minimal state interference—where individuals can live their lives as they see fit. There are more than 60 million people in this country: each one with their own priorities and their own desires. They should be able to pursue those desires in whatever way suits them best, provided they adhere to the central tenet of Libertarianism—the non-aggression axiom. This can be summarised as: "You shall not initiate force or fraud against someone else's life, liberty or property." (Chris Mounsey)


Bullfighting in Spain has been a hallowed sport for centuries but now Catalonia is on the verge of banning it completely. Attendances at the gory spectacle have dropped considerably and there is now little support for the sport from the Catalans. It is another step in the movement to distance Catalonia from Spain and has the backing of Brussels..


Alwyn ap Huw said...

Open contains malicious elements which may attack and close down your blogsite.

This is rubbish Alan, an attempt to deter people from linking to and reading OD by those who are opposed to open democracy as a principal and Open Democracy as a site

Unknown said...

If it was rubbish I would not announce it.
It put a warning on my blog, preventing me from accessing my blog,
so I went into Blogger layout and removed Open Democracy on the blog list.
After that I was able to open the blog.