Friday, 25 December 2009

How to Think Different in 2010

A Christmas Gift to All our Loyal and Committed Readers. 
Merry Christmas and a Different New Year!

"Think different. Think Plaid."  However, thinking different requires a very different approach to memory, attitude and thought. It requires mental resilience, percipience and flexibility.
Here are some simple guidelines:

1) Do not take the status quo (things as they are) for granted
2) Do not believe you are powerless to affect change
3) Do not be afraid to be controversial
4) Do not become nostalgic for the past and former tradition
5) Do not be brainwashed by the authority of government or the media
6) Do not accept others' findings or beliefs as gospel
7) Do not pay attention to scaremongering tactics
8) Do not listen to those who say something is impossible
9) Do not accept the view that change will take years to achieve
10) Do not be held back by skeptics, cynics or doom-sayers

1) Think creatively and intelligently and be open to all possibilities
2) Be prepared to act on your opinions and question everything
3) Hold fast to your principles and do not be diverted
4) Act according to the situation that currently exists
5) Be always positive about the outcome of your aspirations
6) Be realistic about the obstacles blocking your way and  forces of opposition
7) Spread the word wherever you are even when it is disregarded
8) Remain firm in  your convictions and work steadily for the desired result
9) Stay focused on the matter in hand from moment to moment
10) Acquire an attitude of quiet confidence in the rightness of your actions

Seek allies but do not trust anyone  until you are sure that they are not infiltrators or backsliders.
Not everybody is as devoted to the cause as you are and may have a different agenda from your own
With British politics gearing up to a major election in the Spring there is a real opportunity to make a difference which will fundamentally change the face and direction of politics in the nations of Britain.

Predictions: The Conservatives (a Unionist party) will capture most of the seats in England, but will make less headway in the nations to the north and west.  Scotland will send more SNP members to Westminster.
Plaid Cymru has a unique opportunity to break Labour's hold on the Welsh valleys once and for all.
The Liberal Democrats will be squeezed by the polarisaing forces of Labour and Conservatives and will make vitually no headway anywhere in Britain. UKIP will gain support from those opposed to loss of sovereignty to Europe. The BNP will benefit from the government's disasterous immigration policies.


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