Monday, 14 December 2009

Catalonia Shows the Way towards Independence

Making a difference in Catalunya
News from Jill Evans MEP covering the unofficial poll on independence in Catalonia.

Catalunya: December 14th

By jillevans
The votes are counted and the referenda in Catalunya are over for now. Almost 95% of those who voted wanted independence, and nearly 30% voted. That’s a pretty good turnout for an “unofficial” poll organised by the people themselves. There was huge interest in the voting and preparations have already started for the next round of elections in February.
I hope I will be able to go as an observer again. There was so much enthusiasm and excitement around the whole event. It is so refreshing to see that people care so deeply about democracy and their right to have a voice that they actually organise a referendum themselves. We are always being told that people are not interested and don’t care – often by the parties who don’t listen.
I stood in the freezing cold on a square in Vic last night with crowds of Catalan people, young and old, waiting for the results of their referendum. I knew then without a doubt that Europe was changing for the better and that we in Wales are part of that change too.

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