Monday, 7 December 2009

A Reward for Failure - Do as I say Not as I Do.

At the same time as the government is attempting to put a cap on bankers'  bonuses to accede to public ire and ensure a respectable showing in the forthcoming general election, they are rewarding themselves for their failures. They are propagating and perpetuating  the "bonus culture" rather than diminishing it while they still have the time and ability to do so. Who is paying for the government bonuses? Why, the taxpayer..........".thanks, guys, and remember who to vote for! It was we who created all those good jobs which you are losing."

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Anonymous said...

They say that they will just leave if Darling taxes them. Bit silly as it’s a one off thing.... but there you go. None of them was noted for having much in the way of brains.

I was wondering where they were thinking of going, all of them.

Rumour has it the New York Bankers are thinking of leaving NY and coming to London for the same reasons. Will we just have a wee swap?

Or were they thinking of Dubai? China or Japan? (interesting, but the language is hard), India? Australia? Canada? Not sure you'd be wanted in large numbers.

Let us know where you're off to lads so we can forward your post and don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.