Thursday, 24 December 2009

Demise of Another Blog!

I would echo the thoughts of The Half Blood Welshman while bemoaning the demise of another  blog:

"This blog has mostly been about Labour. Labour in power, corrupt, inefficient, arrogant, brash, destructive and hubristic. Labour at large, too often complacent, rude, unable to advance society or politics, lacking in ideas, stuck in the mud, still desperate to fight the battles they lost so badly in the 1980s. Labour as government, Labour as party. Labour looking ever backwards in a bid to avenge their near-destruction at Thatcher's hands, rather than forwards to improve the lot of Britain and make the best of what she left."

To the remainder I would say that we are small in number and great in aspiration.
Meanwhile some of us, including Independence Cymru, blog on regardless until the goal is realised and all Welsh bloggers reside in a nation which has come into its own.

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