Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Winning the Referendum for Wales

Devolution referendum will be ‘a close battle’
Oct 28 2009 by David Williamson, Western Mail

JUST 42% of the Welsh electorate would vote Yes in a referendum on law-making powers for the Assembly, a YouGov poll revealed yesterday. Supporters of the next stage of devolution can breath a sigh of relief that only 37% of people are planning to vote No, but the research suggests campaigns for and against new powers will be locked in close battle.

Labour and Plaid Cymru entered coalition Government together in 2007 with the goal of holding a referendum on or before the next election. The All-Wales Convention chaired by former UN ambassador Sir Emyr Jones Parry will publish its report on support for devolution on November 18. Its findings are likely to prove pivotal to whether the two parties move to stage a vote.

Support is strongest among those who plan to vote for Plaid Cymru at the next Westminster election (80%). Altogether, 32% of those planning to back the Conservatives, 44% of Labour supporters and 38% of Liberal Democrat voters said they would vote Yes. The pollsters uncovered conflicting attitudes to devolution. Despite the lukewarm support for an enhanced Assembly, 63% tended to agree or agreed strongly that the National Assembly should have the same levels of powers as the Scottish Parliament. Respondents were also keen that a referendum should be held, with 63% again backing the proposal.

When asked which institution has the most influence over how Wales is run, 55% named the Westminster Government, with only 22% opting for the Assembly Government. However, 55% said the Assembly should be the most influential institution.


cymrurhydd wrote:
48% in Wales support Welsh Independence or a Full Welsh Parliament with Tax raising powers within the UK.

27% Support the status quo


It's time for the minority Anti-Devolutionists posting here to SHUT UP!

IagoApSteffan wrote:
Well said cymrurhydd. The majority want a referendum and the majority want thesame powers as Scotland. Give us a referendum: Do you want the same powers as Scotland? Yes or no. I would deffinately be in the YES camp! Wales needs a proper democratic institution, not 40 Welsh MPs against 500 English MPs (most of them being Tories).
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Blogger's Comment
New Labour opened a Pandora's Box when it set devolution in motion. Now Peter Hain, the Welsh Secretary (for the next few months), is desperately applying the brakes. It is obvious that the road of devolution leads down the inevitable path to independence, and the idea of freedom and nationhood is firmly rooted in the minds of Scots and the minds of increasing numbers of Welsh electors. It has brought people such as Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Ieuan Wyn Jones to the forefront of politics, and it has shown up Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Peter Hain as proponents of the status quo and avowed supporters of the British establishment.

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