Monday, 12 October 2009

Who Will Deliver for Wales?


So last week David Cameron in his Conference speech claimed to be the party of 'change'. But we know that the London parties will never deliver the change we need here in Wales.

As we know well, Labour has slavishly followed Tory policies for 12 years, and Cameron models himself on Blair. Well, we need to tell the people of Wales that this election need not be about Brown and Cameron, the big London parties and their usual squabbles.

This election is about us here in Wales and about our communities.

After all, while most families in Wales are struggling to tread water, both Labour and the Tories are on the same millionaire's yacht in the Mediterranean and taking the same big donations from millionaires and bankers.

So who's really going to stand up for Wales, yet another MP from one of the big London parties, or a Plaid MP whose only loyalty is to the people of their community and nation?

This next year gives us a unique opportunity to continue charting a different course for our nation. Never before have people been so fed up with the big London parties.

Only Plaid Cymru offers real change. Only Plaid Cymru will make a difference. But it's only through your hard work campaigning at the grassroots that we can win in marginal constituencies against all the London parties.

So, c'mon... Click here to register to help! Together we return our highest ever number of MPs on behalf of Wales come next May.

For Wales,


Dafydd Iwan, President

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