Monday, 5 October 2009

Carwyn's Poor Strategy & Global Reality

Carwyn Jones' strategy in promoting himself to be the next Chief Minister of the Welsh Assembly is short-sighted and ineffectual. He is playing the Unionist "I am Welsh and British and British is Best" card. It is an argument which belongs to a past age as Gordon Brown is finding to his cost. Today's Britain is bankrupt economically, mortgaged to the hilt, and embroiled in an unwinnable war in Afghanistan, having followed America's policy of imposing western democracy on theocratic Middle Eastarn states, which would be better off left to their own devices and carving out their own futures. We are a global world now, certainly, but this does not give former colonial powers the right to assert their superior authority, backed by military might, and so control the world.
Wales needs to shake off the shackles of Unionism, not proclaim it, and recover its past from the clutches and the sorry legacy of Britannic hegemony.


Anonymous said...

who the hell wants to be British?! Why the hell stay on a sinking ship?

We can do no worse, and certainly better, than staying a bit part of the UK.

Anonymous said...

Did he really say "British is best"?

Tsk, tsk. If you use quotation marks you should use the quote and not your version.

Naughty boy.

Unknown said...

The quotation remarks do not apply to his comments; they apply to the "card" which assumes that he has that attitude towards Britishness.
I take care with my use of English.

Anonymous said...

The quotation marks indicate a quotation. Whose quotation are you referring to?

Unknown said...

The quotation marks apply to the way I see a particular stance or train of thought, and not to any particular utterance.