Thursday, 29 October 2009

Disgraceful Doings not Acceptable

Independence Cymru says:

1) All MPs "disgraced" by the expenses scandal should not be allowed to stand at the next election.
2) Any government minister found guilty of lying or of deceiving the public should be forced to apologise and resign immediately.
3) The highest standards of behaviour should be a requirement of any holder of public office.
4) The House of Lords should not consist of unelected members, or of those who have been ennobled as favours or political appointments (e.g. Mandelson).
5) All MPs should be given a fixed allowance for London accommodation and a rate for commuting based on distance, and their main home should be in their own constituency.
6) Public accountability and transparency an essential except in cases of exceptional state protection needs.
7) The holding of fixed term parliaments to avoid political manipulation.
8) Guaranteed freedom of speech and thought without fear of over-stepping "political correctness".
9) All DNA samples and fingerprints and tape interviews of innocent persons should be destroyed.
10) Biodata records should be limited to passports; no ID cards. This problem arose from government mishandling of immigration and penalising legitimate entrants such as non-European spouses.

Constitutional Revision in the UK: proposals
1) Full parliaments for the four countries of the British Isles including England.
2) Independent membership of the European Union of the four nations of the new commonwealth.
3) Talks to be held on arrangements for Irish unification.
4) Commonwealth status for the four nations of Britain; a State governor for each.
5) All nations to join the Schengen agreement with free access across borders.
6) Adoption of the euro for all four nations to facilitate business, tourism and trade.
7) MEPs voted in to the EU parliament to represent national, not party political, interests.
8) A fully democratic government of the people, for the people, not in the interests of party political pundits.
9) Respect for minority interests, whatever views are expressed, should be enshrined in law.
10) All ethnic immigrants to conform to the culture and ethics of their adopted home nation.

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James Dowden said...

I wouldn't be so sure about advocating the Euro for Wales in the short to medium term: much of the economic damage that has been done to Wales has been thanks to an overvalued currency that is not in synch with the Welsh economy. Swapping London's overvalued currency for Frankfurt's can only continue to damage the productive part of the Welsh economy. We need to seriously build up our economy before this is a realistic option. And in these days of plastic money, the hassle of changing money is much less.

I'd also be wary of legislating for racial harmony. Such laws inevitably highlight racial differences and build up resentment in place of harmony. If left alone, the experience here in Wales is that people are overwhelmingly not racist (well, at least beyond telling rude jokes about the English, and frankly who cares about that?) and that Cardiff copes well with minorities.

Ultimately, I would like to see a Wales as strong, free, and peaceful as Switzerland.

Unknown said...

Switzerland is a good model....
and the Cantons work very well.

Anonymous said...

Create racial harmony by legislation. ha ha ha what a joke!

Unknown said...

I did not mention legislating on racial harmony. I said : "All ethnic immigrants to conform to the culture and ethics of their adopted home nation."
When in Rome do as the Romans do.