Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Labour and the "Welsh Not"

It is decreed: "Welsh must not be spoken".
The Labour government in London operates increasingly by decree, not by consensus.
It must be admitted that the system LCO's is a botched and cumbersome exercise and of no use to Wales.
These failed politicians choose to ignore fundamental realities and communal needs and aspirations. Truly they will not survive following the next general election. They have served Wales badly and have lost their traditional base of support, both in Wales and in Scotland. Along with other British parties they are unionist to the core, despite their espousal of devolution. They are fearful of the logical outcome, the dissolution of Britain, where the trappings of the Establishment and its constitutional anomalies are so in conflict with the movement for change and the growth of a new awareness throughout Europe, from Sicily and Sardinia to Flanders and Cornwall. This resurgence is not confined to these islands. The peoples of Europe are not content to be merely a part of an amorphous super-state; they need to feel a sense of national identity too, with their culture and language intact and recognised as being of value and great worth in the diversity of small nations bound in unity which is the future face of Europe.

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