Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Here for a Purpose - Political parties of Britain

Labour - here to self-perpetuate and gain re-election through party-motivated introspective policy-making
Conservative - here to restore prosperity to the wealthy classes by putting British manpower back to work
Liberal - here to show the other parties where they have failed and mis-led the public
Scots Nationalist - here to dismantle the union that was foisted upon them
Welsh Nationalist - here to restore to Wales the rights and benefits of full nationhood
Ulster Unionist - here to prevent Ireland from regaining lost lands, the 6 counties
SDLP - here to represent the best interests of the people of Ireland
Sinn Fein - here to restore the whole of Ireland to the people of Ireland
Mebyon Kernow - here to tell the world that Cornwall is British, not English, and remains a nation not a Duchy
BNP - here to turn back the tide of immigration from developing countries
UKIP - here to lead Britain out of European political and economic control
Independents - here to prove that all other parties have vested interests

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