Friday, 16 October 2009

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Cornish World out and about
We will be at the Falmouth Beer Festival, on October 23-24, Princess Pavilion, Falmouth. We will be getting down to the serious business of trying some real ale.
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Uncovering the mystery of Percy Smythe
We headed up to Jamaica Inn for a brisk walk on the moor and a bit of detective work. Find out about the truth about Percy, a missing man or an elaborate hoax, only in the latest issue of Cornish World.

The top ten most popular exotic plants in Britain were introduced by a Cornishman. We chart the rise to global fame and untimely death in San Francisco of William Lobb on the bicentenary of his birth.

Heading down to watch the Cornish Pirates?
We are a bit obsessed with the Pirates at the moment, if we are not at the match we are watching them from the comfort of our sitting room on Pirates TV.
Talking of sports, Cornish football – both men and womens – is doing pretty well. Cornish World looks at the game of Cornish football today as well as a taking a peek at Cornish football from the late-1800s onward.
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Coming up on
Cornwall is the only UK region to have its own dedicated online television channel!
There will be tricks and treats a-plenty on the Eden Project channel this October! Watch Halloween skating on Eden’s spooky ice rink!

Zapcats - check out the thrills and spills of this high powered micro speedboat racing at Watergate Bay!

Recipe of the month - 15 Cornwall’s head chef, Neil Haydock shares another of his favourite Cornish recipes with viewers.
Lowender Peran - Celebrating all things Celtic in Kernow! A look at the cool Cornish festival with class acts, including Dalla!

Meanwhile back at Cornish World
Keep sending your photos in!
Where is the strangest place you have ever seen the
St Piran Cross? On top of Mount Everest, in a cave, on the back of bus in India?
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The Cornish phrase of the month is:
"My a vynn eva korev." which means
"I would like to drink beer."
Handy when you are in a Cornish pub next...

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