Thursday, 22 April 2010

Topics Tonight's Debate May not Cover

”The SNP has presented a series of view points that will be missing from tonight’s debate as a result of the closed shop debate.
"Viewers will not hear:
  • opposition to the renewal of the UK’s nuclear weapons system and the continued spending of billions every year on maintaining Trident nuclear weapons.
  • The party of Government responsible for passing the world’s strongest climate change legislation - praised internationally - with a 42% carbon emission reduction target by 2050 – stronger than the UK’s target and that has a partnership with the Maldives, one of the nation’s most at threat from Climate Change.
  • The role an independent Scotland could play in Europe and the world.
  • The views of the SNP as the party which led opposition to the illegal invasion of Iraq, including leading the Parliamentary debate which forced the Labour government to concede an eventual inquiry – the Chilcott inquiry.
  • A party committed to meeting the 0.7% GDP for international development target and that in Government has doubled our own aid commitments including support for Malawi through Scotland’s partnership with that country.

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