Sunday, 18 April 2010

Plaid's Manifesto - 7 Promises

Plaid Cymru is making seven promises to the people of Wales.

1. Protecting the Welsh Budget
We will protect the money the government spends on health, education and care.

2. Plaid’s Living Pension
We will give our pensioners more money to spend on food and heating.

3. Caring for our troops
We want our soldiers to come home safely from Afghanistan, and we want them to be looked after properly when they arrive back in Wales.

4. Helping Welsh businesses
We will lend small businesses money to help them develop new ideas, to get bigger, and to create sustainable jobs in all parts of Wales.

5. An environmental action plan
We will help Wales face up to the challenge of the climate crisis with plans to improve railways, our food systems, and our energy use.

6. Proper powers to make a difference
Plaid wants the new Westminster government to agree to a referendum so that our National Assembly make much more of a difference to everybody’s lives.

7. Tackling the deficit and tackling irresponsible banks
We will protect the people who need our help by asking very rich people to pay a little bit extra . We will reform banks, and we will stop Government spending on nuclear weapons


Ever-Open-Eye said...

Would these 'our soldiers' in Afghanistan be the same ones who you described as MERCENARIES, some time ago.

Lest we forget, eh!

We don't.

alanindyfed said...

In a sense, are they not mercenaries of a British state and a discredited Labour government's foolish foreign policies?

Ever-Open-Eye said...

In NO sense are they mercenaries.

They are brave and honourable people who serve the UK and risk their lives doing so.

Heroes all.

Unlike you, who insult them and their fallen comrades and debase Plaid with such a suggestion.

Shame on you.

alanindyfed said...

Mercenaries can be heroes too and of course they choose their profession and are aware of the dangers.
But the real question is: what are they doimg there in the first place?

Ever-Open-Eye said...

To describe our loyal troops as mere mercenaries is quite despicable.

Mercenaries serve the highest bidder, with little regard for the principles of their employer.

Loyal Troops, such as ours, serve our country as per their orders. The rights and wrongs of their deployment are irrelevant.

I daresay that some of them do not agree with their deployment yet, nonetheless, they serve with honour.

As you regard our troops as mere mercenaries, you would suggest that those wounded in these conflicts, should pay for their own treatment and rehabilitation?

What would Elfyn think?