Friday, 9 April 2010

The Shamelessness of British Politics

Can anybody explain why one party, out of the three main British parties appears to contain within it, throughout all its ranks, the most unsavoury of politicians? This party is a party of denial, excuses, exonerations, fabrications, justifications, graft, spin and sleaze - and I am not referring to the Liberal Democrats, at least on this occasion! I suggest that people vote for a party with honesty, decency, integrity, credibility and respect, if one can be found, and one which takes notice of the views of the public, and is willing to put the public interest first.
Anybody who votes for the party in question is either blinkered or deluded.

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Anonymous said...

And the party leader who hides paedophilia.......Alex Salmond SNP.

Google 'Hollie Greig' for the whole story.