Monday, 12 April 2010

Power to the Scottish People

Speaking after the SNP's campaign launch in Edinburgh today (Monday) the party leader and First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond MSP, said SNP candidates in the Westminster election will make a Community Commitment to guarantee accessibility, accountability and openness to their constituents.

SNP MPs already have a strong record of openness and accountability with the party’s MPs among the 10 hardest working MPs in the last parliament. John Mason – who was only elected in 2008 – has a work rate that exceeds 24 MPs from the other parties who were elected in 2005.

Launching the campaign in Edinburgh today SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond said:

“The House of Commons is now held in widespread disrepute. The best remedy is to offer a different style of MP. Local champions whose mission is to articulate community concerns.

“Every SNP candidate will sign a pledge of accessibility, accountability and openness on issues like expenses – it will be their Community Commitment.

“It will be their guarantee, their contract with the voters and it will set the standard for their work on behalf of the people they represent. SNP MPs will not go to London to settle in – they will be at Westminster to be their community's voice – their community's champion.”

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