Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Cameron Conundrum

In a headline in the "Sunday Telegraph" David Cameron is quoted as saying " I am a one nation MP", and presumably he refers to the "British nation" as all unionists do. However, Cameron fails to realise that we are living in a British state composed of more than one nation, and to be credible what he should really declare is that he supports all the British nations, and not the contradictory notion of a supposed nation of Britain which does not exist as such, but only in the minds of some  politicians whose thinking  is devoid of a 21st Century progressive reality. And yes, he could talk about ending division between the "haves" and "have nots" in all the nations.


Al Iguana said...

nah, that's what I thought. But it has nothing to do with nations (Wales, Scotland etc), it's more to do with making the rich and poor "one nation" rather than two seperate ones. Or something.

Stephen Pol Haydon said...

The problem with the Tories is that if they become elected, just like this statment, you never truely know what their true intentions are. However what choice do the "British" have, do they stick with a bumbling fool who has led "Britain" into a financial disaster or elect a party who has proven to be a disaster in the past? No matter what way you look at it these two pretty much equate to the same thing, Thatchers policies in some form are still carried on by labour, perhaps a new party would be alot more beneficial and the change "Britain" needs.