Monday, 26 April 2010

Concerning an English Parliament

The English Democratic Party seeks to establish an English Parliament. Nothing wrong with that! The English should also have their own nation state.
What is disturbing, however, is that the English Democrats wish to retain the Union, and furthermore they would like to snatch Monmouthshire from Wales.
Here's three million Welsh citizens who would say a resounding NO to that proposal!

Click hereand read this:
then ask Robin Tilbrook to abandon this absurd claim to Welsh territory.....


Coffin dodging 'incomer' said...

"Here's three million Welsh citizens who would say a resounding NO to that proposal!"

Really? I think that you'll find that many of the 'three million' would have no problems at all with that proposal.

Far better for us to left to get on with our lives without being fettered by forced language legislation and a demand for us to immerse ourselves in your phony Welsh 'culture'.

We're quite happy being British, thanks all the same.

Bouncy Castle Hire in Weston-Super-Mare said...

"Most people, including those in Scotland, think England should have its own parliament, a BBC poll suggests.
Newsnight found 61% in England, 51% in Scotland and 48% in Wales agreed with the idea.

The poll, carried out to mark 300 years since the Act of Union, was of 883 adults in England, 543 in Scotland and 527 in Wales."

That is so true, ask yourself as an Englshman, do you like your hard earned taxes being sent to the other parts of the UK , where they have their own constituents ?

Me personally will be voting EDP, we can do with as many of these guys in the corner to get England back to two it should be again, I'm not racist, my best friend is from India, my sons girlfriend of afro Caribbean descent , but this immigration thing has got to stop, lets give the doctors and nurses a bit of a break at the hospitals, the tax office staff, and everyone working their nuts off because of it. Lets give the builders their jobs back so they stop being undercut by groups of polish who will build a bad spec job, AND LIVE IN THE HOUSE WHILST DOING IT, all for peanuts. These Englishman have families, and if it carries on the roles will reverse , it will be them queuing at the dole office..... Make Britain Great Again, one Country at a time !!

ulvero said...

England does have its own Parliament. It's called Westminster!