Monday, 5 April 2010


More than 500 people from across the country attended the 20 February Conference in London, Putting Irish Unity on the Agenda.
In a positive and wide-ranging discussion, speakers from Britain and Ireland joined those attending in covering a number of key issues in relation to Ireland future, and the future relationship between the two Irelands. Leading figures from Sinn Féin joined other political representatives, Irish community organisations, sporting and cultural representatives, academics, trade unionists and many others.
Important issues such as the constitutional future, the economy, the role of the Irish community in Britain, opening a dialogue with unionism and developing the peace process were all discussed in packed plenaries and seminars.
The conference has received a very positive response and widespread media coverage. Some of the media articles, reports and speeches from the conference are available here at the website. Future events to be announced.


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kerdasi amaq said...

When will the Welsh People realise that it is time to give the sovereign English political parties the boot?

Labour and the Conservatives have got to go!

Brown may be paying the Palace a visit tommorrow.