Saturday, 26 January 2008

With acknowledgements to Blogtrotter


Fionnchú said...

Ddiolch 'ch achos 'ch bostio!

I stumbled upon that rather bizarrely titled Celt chart when searching for a striking blog image for my entry yesterday. I had googled "Welsh" + "Irish" + "learning." Its image source at the "FletcherSaga" site's rather cluttered and idiosyncratic even by web standards for we obsessive druids. Didn't have time to wander about it further.

Your colorful blog, conversely, I find balances appropriate original commentaries and excerpted texts of handsomely chosen illustrations. The quotes from the Buddha, the panoramic cwm at the end of your main page, the photos and art all enhance the design. While I cannot claim familarity with the intricacies of Welsh political infighting that regale so many Cymric bloggers, the cultural issues that relate to issues which we from the Celtic diaspora keep me scrolling onwards. Your attention to Cornish concerns I find particularly valuable, given their lack of sufficient coverage in media.

I recently linked to a couple of sites more akin to "Dark Age" (sic) Britain that may interest you and some readers, although they are not political in their Pan-Celtic cultural forays. The very eclectic "The Expvlsion of the Blatant Beast" (as spelled: comes from a recent Oxford Ph.D. who teaches Welsh and Middle Irish. Often unrelated to Celtic issues, but sometimes "Bo" discusses his studies and medieval poetics in his chosen languages.

The "Tre Gwernin" blog ( features G.R. Grove who researches early medieval Britain. She has published two novels about a young storyteller in the days of the Brythonic resistance in post-Roman times. You can find out more about them on the site. Her blog also has many links to Web resources and Amazon Listmanias in related medieval topics.

Hwyl fawr i chi! Slán go fóill, a chara.

Anonymous said...

What's all that about then?

alanindyfed said...

I suggest you go and get a degree from a reputable university in Celtic Studies, and it may dawn upon you what this is all about.
It is also about reaffirming Celtic culture and traditions in the countries in which it has long been suppressed. You will find all the information on this in the appropriate history books (but not those generally read in England).

Thick Dave said...

Don't bother asking anonymous. This guy's a jerk and lives in the past.

For goodness sake he's not even welsh yet describes himself as a patriot. He's also a self styled philosopher.

There's no point in thickies like us hanging around here.

alanindyfed said...

Well you are well named for a start.
Best that you move off instead of hanging around on street corners. It takes all sorts to make a nation.