Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Virtues of Traditional Celtic Cultural Values

Arrogance, if that word ever exists in Welsh, has never been a virtue in the context of Welsh culture. It has been imported into the country from the East and certainly from abroad. The soft-spoken people of Ireland too have a gentle disposition which eschews such traits as arrogance or vanity and haughtiness. When confronted by arrogance the Celtic inclination is to turn away, mortified that such a shameful expression of human behaviour could be openly displayed. The traditional mode of greeting another human being has always been with an attitude of respect, kindness and hospitality and with a frank, open and honest demeanour, and a recognition of the divinity that resides within each and every person. Why has this subject been raised in this blog at this particular time, and to whom do we attribute these negative character traits, in our midst? I leave it to our perceptive readers to fathom this mystery.

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