Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Move On, or Be Left Behind!

Cymru is on the move....
After centuries of neglect, abuse and decline (the culture...the language....) Cymru (or Wales as the Saeson likes to call this land) is once again on the move. The dragon is breathing fire and is twirling its tail. It is restive, pawing the ground and looking around for the next mountain to conquer. As we look around us we see the degeneration of society under the present British Nulabour administration, or should that be maladministration? We see a gaggle of Welsh MPs struggling to raise a Union flag but the wind is blowing hard from the West and the struggle is in vain. No more will Britain (and Britain under Labour) rule the Valleys. The donkey which trots to Westminster will sport a green, not red, rosette. The sheep will return to the green pastures in their flocks and the cattle in their herds. The dragon will stand guard over the Marcher borders ready to repel the incursions and the onslaughts from the opponents of change and the quislings among the ranks, some of whom reside in our midst. Let all who hold their country dear embrace the winds of change, as they sweep away the vestiges of past ages and fossilised thinking.

Look across the water, to Ireland, and see what has been achieved and what is possible for Wales, a land that is clean and green (in its 40 shades), where new infrastructure is being put in place, with modern trains and new motorways criss-crossing the land, where a single authority, government controlled, is in charge of operations, where the standard of living and the quality of life are high and the economy thriving. It is a country of 4 million and 10% are new immigrants and returning migrants, with enterprise and expertise to contribute to society. Ireland has achieved high profile throughout the world and so will Wales. An Irish pub can be shipped out in its entirety to any country in the world and they are being shipped out in their dozens. Visit Paddy Whelan's in Riga or the Ha'penny Bridge in Benalmadena, or practically any city in the world - the pint of Guinness will be there on hand, with the strains of the fiddle and the uillean pipes playing in the corner. Let there be craic!

Now is the time to change the old order forever. This land will never be the same again. No more the closures (including - breaking news!- closures of public toilets in Gwynedd...), the cut-backs, the withdrawal of essential services -
yes it may continue for a time while the present administration in Westminster continues in its present form - but those who once dominated the political scene are already history. There will be a revival and a sense of purpose which will enthuse all those who are ready to answer the call, from economists to farmers and technicians to tradesman, those who have a vision will see their dreams come true.

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