Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Riding the Dragon Wind

On Friday I plan to leave Latvia and ride the dragon wind back to Cymru and hopefully days of sunshine. I have noted the number of days when the sun has appeared during the last month and they amount to the grand total of four, which equals one sunny day per week. Winter consists of endless cloudy days, ice-covered streets and rivers, snowfalls and cold days and nights though I have not been subjected to temperatures of -25 degC as can happen, but no more than those of -8 degC. It seems that the Baltic peoples endure winter darkness for much of the season and take it all for granted.

I was surprised to be offered a position for next September at one of the private universities in Riga, as Professor of European History and English Language Studies, but will probably forgo the opportunity as this would divert me from working for Wales and as we know "home is where the heart is".

While marking time in Latvia I have managed to keep in close touch with the blogosphere and have posted regularly and commented on my favourite blogs. As we enter the new year of 2008 and gird ourselves for the next offensive against the bastions of the status quo it is pertinent to recall the campaigns which remain as a focus for our energies. Ymlaen!

The Campaign for an independent Cymru
- the primary campaign

Campaign - to fly the flag of Wales and not the Union flag
Campaign - to celebrate Welsh national holidays
Campaign - to give recognition to Welsh battle sites
Campaign - to rectify the wrongs in the constitution
Campaign - to bring in a new Welsh Language Act
Campaign - to demand a Parliament for Wales
Campaign - to review funding issues for Wales - Barnett
Campaign - to revert to the true place-names of Wales
Campaign - to reject "Britishness" and all its forms and guises
Campaign - to spread the word and inspire Welsh people to support their homeland
Campaign - to work towards the May council elections and ensure victory for Plaid

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