Thursday, 17 January 2008

Cornish Patriots in the Firing Line

Report from Susan Bowen, nr Tintagel, Cornwall.

Dear Celtic Brother & Sisters.

I sit here this evening with cold fury in my heart. Today I took fellow Celtic League member Tony Leamon to answer police bail. He was placed on bail way back in Sept of last year after having his home raided by the police along with four others. (In connection with some mythical underground army calling itself, 'The Cornish Liberation Army'). All four of them answered their bail at Camborne Police station today. Three of them were released again to answer police bail on 26th March, another two months with the Damocles Sword hanging over them.

I delivered Tony to Camborne Jail (Euphemistically called "The Custody Suite") at 11am, in support was Dougy and Tony's 70 plus Mother, who is due to go into hospital tomorrow to have a second breast removed due to cancer, Myself and Ewen.

After waiting around outside the prison bars which front a courtyard with the office at the rear. for two hours, Ewen went to ask the constable on duty if there was any news of how long they were going to keep Tony. Communication was via a speaker grill set into the electronically controlled gate. The reply to this request was; to say the least unhelpful. After another two hours waiting outside in the cold, (No waiting rooms and a flat refusal to allow supporters inside), Tony's little old Mum went to the grill and told the person in charge that she was Tony's Mum. Answer: Don't know, hours yet, you'll just have to wait. Having driven sixty miles to get Tony to the station and by now three in the afternoon I was forced to return home to be in time to see to the evening farm chores, and feeding the animals. I asked Tony's mum to call me when there was any news. She rang a few minutes ago to say that by 4:30 pm she had to leave to catch the bus home to get ready for her hospital appointment. Ewen had left at 1pm to go back to work. Tony was still behind bars at this time.

By now some five and a half hours of what one presumes is interrogation. To date no charges have been made and in my opinion this is an attempt to force some sort of confession by keeping a person under stress and incommunicado from his supporters and family.

The original arrest was made in connection with some weirdly concocted and apparently mythical indolent with the Cornish Liberation Army. Friends. If by some wild imaginings of fantasy, I was a recruiting sergeant for some clandestine, underground Cornish army, the last person I would want is a man ill with Leukaemia, on medication for such, and without any form of transport beyond the pathetic public bus service. Nor yet a man who, despite his huge size, is a gentle giant that wouldn't harm a fly.

In conversation with a couple of the people released on further police bail, it looks as if well known names in Cornwall are attempting to smash any hint of Cornish culture or adherence to such. The newspaper article from the Western Daily Press, now on the internet says it all in how the rising wave of English Nationalist is trying to make us all look stupid.

I will try to keep you all updated, unless of course they come for a harmless old granny like me as well. Wonder what they will dream up as an excuse. Charged, Convicted, and sentenced for Conspiracy to Freedom.

Suzy B

Stay tuned.... there is more on this to follow, so watch this space!
Alan in Dyfed

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