Friday, 4 January 2008

The State of the Nations

From blog Tartan Hero.....

SNP ahead of Labour in poll of polls for Westminster

The Guardian has published a fascinating ICM poll of polls since the non-general election in October. Apart from the Tories getting ahead of Labour in the English regions, even in nominally Labour heartlands of the Midlands and the North.

"By combining data from all ICM polls carried out since Gordon Brown called off plans for a general election in October, a larger sample makes it possible to assess the state of public opinion in different parts of the country. Only in Scotland and Wales has the Tory revival faltered: the party is up just three points since the summer. But Labour is also in trouble in Scotland, trailing the SNP by three points, 39% to 36%."

More importantly it is the Lib Dems who have more to fear from the SNP lead in Scotland. Seats like Argyll & Bute, Inverness etc and even Gordon are threatened. Seats like Ochil & South Perthshire, Dundee West and Aberdeen North, even Stirling, look under threat from the SNP.

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bloke said...

Why "English regions" and not just "England"?