Saturday, 5 January 2008

A New Year Message to the Troops from Independence Cymru

The forthcoming year of Ein Arglywdd 2008 is a year which promises new advances, not just on the road to devolution, but along the path to independence for the Celtic nations of Britain. In the minds of those politicians who foresaw the benefits of devolution is the concept of regionalism and not the ideal of independence for the nations of Britain. British nationalists and Unionists see Britain as a nation with a number of devolved regions, and this view is out of sync with reality. The truth is that Britain is a state, not a nation-state let it be said, and is composed of a number of nations in a state of resurgence.

Unionists seek to impose a uniformity within Britain while at the same time creating a multi-ethnic society within these islands. Nationalists seek to free their respective nations from the suffocating influences which conspire to undermine the culture and traditions, and even the language, of these proud nations of the periphery, and to right the constitutional anomalies which abound and which are symbolised by the Union flag and Prince of Wales feathers and the "national" institutions which are in fact state apparel and state apparatus.

Councillor Dick Cole of Mebyon Kernow calls for 2008 to be a year of political activism. Let it be so in all the nations which seek to shake loose the yoke of British state intervention in the politics and society of the freedom-seeking nations which remain part of the colonialist umbrella designated the "British nation".
These nations are basically Wales, Scotland, and Cornwall, with northern Ireland a detached area (the six counties) of the nation of Ireland. The Isle of Man has more nation status than Wales does, and the Channel Islands are outside the sovereignty of the British state. Brittany is a Celtic nation under French domination and which seeks its own place as a nation in its own right.

So the message for the New Year is to make 2008 a momentous year in the history of our nations, by winning the hearts and minds of the peoples and communities, whatever their ethnic backgrounds, which aspire to greater democracy leading to self-rule and self-determination. It is by calling out the foot-soldiers to persistently reiterate the message and deliver the newsletters and pamphlets in the run up to the local and county elections, to spread the word and refute the scaremongering myths with which the oppositionists, those men and women of yesterday, attempt to pervert the minds of the unsuspecting electorate.

The people of Scotland are forging ahead and are leading the way by throwing their weight behind those inspiring politicians committed to the cause. Our own politicians will hopefully be similarly inspired to join them in making 2008 the year in which the veils of ignorance are torn aside and the real issues exposed with truly democratic power and self-confidence returned to the people.


Anonymous said...

Sorry mate, our Troops are currently risking their lives in foreign lands and have little time for you and your silly games.

Incidentally, your reference to them as mercenaries has not been forgotten.

alanindyfed said...

I am not talking about your troops but our troops, and I suppose you regard Hungary 1956, Czechoslovakia 1968 and Ireland 1916 as silly games!
Well your games are not just siily but dangerous and lethal.

Anonymous said...

Alan - please use paragraphs in your postings, it's difficult to read long pieces withouth paragraphs!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda