Thursday, 17 January 2008

Cornish Patriots Are Hardly Terrorists - (Part II)

Dear Celts.

At 9pm last night I got a call from Tony who had just been released and left stranded in Camborne some 60 Miles from where I live. I jumped into my car to take him back home to Penryn. The tale that evolves is not a happy one. It would seem that his interrogators told him that Singer Graham Hart (One of the original four arrested) had told his interrogators that Tony and Mike had tried to recruit him into this mythical Cornish Liberation Army. This is third hand hearsay and the truth will come out in court. From emails found on Tony's computer they seem to be looking at everyone he sent or received emails from.

Whilst I was parked in the car park for 4 hours waiting for them to release Tony, the police took my car number and having got my name, asked Tony who I was, he replied: a friend who gave me a lift.

It seems that they are going for the usual charge of Conspiracy which is the easy option for them. The detective in charge has I believe, convinced himself that he has uncovered some vast underground army. If it wasn't so tragic it would be a laugh. However what is clear is that they are going to try and implicate as many people as possible, and I amongst others, are in the frame. I expect they will burst in one morning and remove my computer with all my work upon it. Seemingly it is now a crime to have a love of one's land and the Celtic culture. From a drunken lark by a couple of clowns who should know better, the state is going to try and concoct a terrible plot to destroy its authority over the subjective subjects of her most gracious majesty. They also apparently questioned Tony about his contacts with the FWA. The whole thing is puerile idiocy but the servants of HM have got their teeth into what they think is a massive subversive organisation.

I am fairly certain they are reading our emails as well so be aware. If I go off line then you will know they have roped me in, an old woman who's crime is to support those who hold our land in high regard and who, as far as I am aware have committed no crime upon persons or property. Is this what our freedom loving democracy has come to, that I should live in fear of imminent arrest for supporting my friends.

Please pass this around our comrades as far as you can. It cannot be morally right that innocent people are put in fear of their own government, who's avowed aim is to combat terrorism, while terrorising their own people?

Suzy B

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