Monday, 20 September 2010

Keeping Cornwall Whole

Letter to the Boundary Commission
Read it here:

There is a mistaken view that people of Cornwall (as well as Wales and Scotland) wish to separate themselves from the rest of the community of Great Britain, when they should be content to be a part of the wider community. In fact, by asserting their national rights of self-determination, they are joining the wider community of European nations and nations of the world. Nobody now disputes that the member nations of the British Commonwealth chose to declare independence from British rule and become fully-fledged nations, rather than remain as colonial dependencies. Cornwall, like Wales and Scotland, has a proud history, a distinctive culture and a unique and ancient language, all of which constitute a national identity. This is reinforced by anthems, national flags and age-old customs and often by a national dress. As Gwynfor Evans, former patriot and president of Plaid Cymru affirmed - Wales is a nation in waiting and there can be no internationalism without nationalism. The course which these nations have set upon does not engender isolationism, quite the opposite - it opens the door to the wider community of nations.


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