Saturday, 4 September 2010

Labour's Legacy to the People of Britain

From the SNP

SNP MP and Member of the Treasury Select Committee Stewart Hosie has branded the chaos now apparent in the HMRC as “Labour’s last data disaster”. 

It has been revealed that nearly six million people in the UK have been paying the wrong amount of tax for the past two years. The mistake means that 1.4m will be hit with average bills for around £1500 to be repaid in the next tax year. 
Commenting, Mr Hosie said:
“Over their 13 years in government, Labour ministers proved time and time again they simply couldn’t be trusted to manage data.
“The woeful record of the outgoing Labour government includes 25 million child benefit records lost; the names, addresses and anticipated release dates of all prisoners in England misplaced and the bank account information of 600 000 potential army recruits gone astray and this is on top of a depressingly long list of mislaid brief cases, data sticks and laptops. 
“Hopefully, this latest debacle will be Labour’s last data disaster but it reinforces that the system simply doesn’t work. Scots shouldn’t be getting saddled with huge tax bills because of UK Government incompetence. Instead, we should have a tax and revenue system, run by Scottish Ministers, which operates in the best interests of Scotland.”

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