Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Champion for Scotland

Poll finds Salmond favourite choice for FM

A poll conducted for YouGov has found SNP Leader and First Minister Alex Salmond is more popular to be First Minister than all of the opposition leaders added together – and at 31 per cent more than three-times more popular than Labour leader Iain Gray.

Iain Gray was the choice as best First Minister for just 9% of all respondents in the YouGov poll. Wendy Alexander held the previous record low for a Scottish Labour leader of 11% in April 2008 (Telegraph/ YouGov).

Welcoming the poll, SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“These are extremely encouraging figures as we begin the last parliamentary session before next year’s election. Alex Salmond is head and shoulders above not just Iain Gray, but more popular than all of the opposition leaders added together – who in turn have less collective support than ‘none of the above’.

“The central issue at the Holyrood election is be the need for economic and financial powers for Scotland’s Parliament as the only alternative to a dismal decade of Westminster cuts – that is the SNP’s central narrative for the campaign, that is what Scotland needs, and that is why Alex Salmond’s ratings are so high.

“In terms of party ratings and the latest poll, other polls show the SNP and Labour to be neck and neck – with a gap of 1 point and 3 points in two recent surveys.  The polls will go up and down, but what matters is that the SNP have the right policies and message for Scotland, and that is what will count next May.

“Labour have no Scottish heart anymore, and what is abundantly clear from the events of the week is that they are in disarray both north and south of the Border.”


The SNP/YouGov poll of 1316 Scottish adults was conducted between 29th June and 1st July 2010.

Which one, if any of the following Scottish Political leaders do you think is best qualified to be First Minister?

Alex Salmond            31
Annabel Goldie    9
Iain Gray         9
Tavish Scott            4
Patrick Harvie    1
None of these     25
Don't know        21


Alex Salmond is an inspiration for all present and aspiring national politicians

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