Monday, 1 June 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

"The only way to restore authority to the people is to give more power to the devolved institutions." Ieuan Wyn Jones.

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Tighter border controls introduced to fight terrorism and illegal immigration are stopping foreign pupils attending private schools in the UK, the head of the Independent Schools Council (ISC) is set to announce.

Another example of the government's failed immigration policy.

The Demise of Great Britain
by Johnny K.Knowly aged 9 3/4 (July 2006)

Yep it's true... Britain is officially the 'stupidest country in Europe' (if not the world) and everyone knows it except us! Though since we've increased opening hours I prefer to call us 'The Drunk Man of Europe'! Whilst it may come as a shock to some, my dad's been predicting this country's downfall since 1990 - seeing weak, self serving politicians, lax laws, unbridled advertising and media, a stupid welfare state that funds crime and irresponsibility, a Euro government that quietly gains total power over us (regaining its lost pride dented by our tiny country during the war) and worse, political correctness subtly but surely eating away the core of this country's values and stability. I'm not anti-Blair or anyone... Im anti-stupidity and spin - what politics has always been about - only now they've gone too far.

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kerdasi amaq said...

and those sockpuppets beside the Thames are two stupid to understand why it's happened or who is to blame.(them)

Independence is absolutely necessary for Wales, so that the Welsh people can protect themselves from the stupidity of English politicians.