Sunday, 14 June 2009

Britain's Greatest Hope

Now an immediate general election seems unlikely and the reputation of the government (not to mention parliament) is in tatters, the greatest hope amongst the public is that the PM continues to alienate his electors and commit further faux pas so that the result when it eventually comes will be of such dimensions that the political landscape of Britain will be changed forever.

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reconquista said...

2. Halting The Tide


In the first part of this series of essays about the suicide of the white race, I stated that what is happening to the white race - including native Britons - amounts to a merciless and bloody genocide. Amazingly, it is a genocide in which many members of the white race are playing a willing and active part and I posed a question:

How can a race that created the greatest and most advanced societies in human history, societies that held the highest hope for the whole of mankind, reach a point where its future survival is now threatened?

The Judeo-Christian religions played an important and influential role in building the once mighty West but we also discovered that these religions contained a serious flaw that has sewed the seeds of the suicidal demise of the white race. This flaw was identified by the brilliant German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who described it as "an inversion of morality" whereby the weak, the poor, the meek, the oppressed and the wretched are virtuous and blessed by God whereas the strong, the wealthy, the noble and the powerful are the immoral and damned by the vengeful almighty Yahweh for eternity.

Nietzsche, with great insight and perception, stated that Christianity would be abandoned en masse in the twentieth century but that Westerners would still cling to this inversion of morality. I then described how Marxists and Liberals exploit this inversion of morality by creating large numbers of "victim groups", groups who form minorities in Western society but whose "victim status" is used to dictate morality to the majority. In Western - white - societies, the weak now lead the strong, indeed, the game being played in these societies is not to make the weak strong it is to make the strong weak.

Should any person have the temerity to criticise any one of these "victim" groups, they will be viciously smeared and deemed guilty of numerous hate-crimes, the new heresy of the Liberal-Multicultural religion. The plain fact that this situation is destroying the west because it flies in the face of Mother nature - a catastrophic mistake only the white race is committing - matters not a jot to these new pious inquisitors.

Multiculturalists prosecute their self-righteous moral crusade by proudly championing the cause of anybody who they deem to be weak and oppressed. Blinded by smug piety or driven by hatred for their own, they march the white race into the abyss as they vigorously and myopically pursue one of the most unnatural, childish and ultimately futile illusions ever created in human history:

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