Wednesday, 10 June 2009

SNP/Plaid Dissolution Call Rejected by 72 Votes

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain rejected the call, warning that to dissolve Parliament would be to "walk away" from the challenge of reforming Westminster's politics and to "turn our backs on the British people" at a time of economic need.

He claimed the SNP had a hidden agenda of wanting to see a Tory Government, which would inflict "mass unemployment, education cuts and hospital closures" on Scotland "so they could try to ride a wave of revulsion into independence".

He earned a rebuke, however, from Deputy Speaker Sylvia Heal after he taunted Tory leader David Cameron for his "cowardice" for failing to put down a motion himself despite repeatedly calling for an election.

More Labour propaganda

Labour claims that it will "invest in Britain" by spending more rather than making cuts, but the fact is that the Labour government will make cuts of 7%. The Tories will make cuts of 10% but the difference is the Tories will ring fence essential services including the NHS, whereas Labour will make cuts in all departments.
Labour is in survival mode, intent on its own survival and typically manipulates the truth to its own advantage. As a result of massive government borrowing and such huge debts it is inevitable the cuts will be made whoever is in power and taxes will rise.

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