Friday, 19 June 2009

Irish Neutrality - Something to be Proud Of

Ireland is officially “military neutral.” That is, Ireland cannot become a member of a military alliance. The tradition of Irish neutrality is longstanding, dating back to World War II. Ireland’s neutrality during World War 2 left the nation somewhat isolated, in both a political and economic sense, in world affairs. The European Economic Community (EEC) offered Ireland an opportunity to re-emerge from this isolation. The economic benefit of increased trade was the main motivation for the first application to the community. Interest in membership to the EEC was met with Irish uncertainty on whether membership in the EEC precluded a policy of neutrality. There was no precedent for a neutral joining the EC. The desirable goal of EC integration had to be weighed against the costs of appearing to oppose neutrality.

"There is no way to peace - Peace is the way"

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