Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mendacious and Dishonest Politicians

When the head of the government stands up in front of an audience of media reporters and journalists and utters remarks which are palpably untrue after those same people have been assured of the contrary it begs the question: how are these politicians to be trusted with the running of the country and should they not be removed forthwith and cast into political oblivion?

How is it possible that a Labour government which is so obviously thoroughly corrupt and unworthy to govern can be allowed to continue, despite all the PM's protestations that those who have sinned will be brought to justice and that parliament will be cleaned up and sanitized and constitutional reforms will be enacted? It is like inviting a burglar who has robbed your home to return the stolen goods and receive a knighthood for his services. We have a government that can get away with murder.

For the good of the people of the British Isles it is essential that this inept and useless government must go and not be permitted to struggle on for another year of mendacity, dishonesty and deception. All the talk of openness and transparency and putting things to rights is about placating, mollifying and subduing public opposition to this corrupt and pathetic regime. The public demands to be represented by elected politicians of the highest integrity, no less, and it appears that these people are thin on the ground in government and those who are beyond reproach have refused the offer to serve. An example is the former Liberal leader Paddy Ashdowne. Another might be Vince Cable. The public can only take so much: CALL A GENERAL ELECTION NOW......


kerdasi amaq said...

There are several things Gordon Brown cannot tell: 1 Who does he really work for? 2 What does he really believe as a politician?

3 Does he always put Britain's interests first, or does he always advance the interests of an alien power and people?

David Cameron won't be any different!

Anonymous said...

I see Alan Suger is being elevated to the House of Lords along with Glenys Kinnock. The rats are jumping onto a sinking ship. Gordon Brown's government is doing it now because it knows it's heading for the opposition benches; those that survive the electoral bloodbath that's coming their way.