Thursday, 11 June 2009

Declaration for Welsh Democracy

Declaration for Welsh Democracy

Tomorrow's Wales' Declaration for Welsh Democracy was launched today with one hundred initial signatories which included prominent Welsh writers, actors, sportsmen, poets, churchmen and politicians.

The aim of the Declaration for Welsh Democracy is to highlight the issues at stake in the debate on Wales’ constitutional future and to win public support for law-making powers for the Assembly and a referendum to bring that into effect.

It does this by drawing attention to the principles that we believe any system of governance should adhere to, and how holding a referendum on primary law-making powers for the Assembly can move us nearer to such a system in Wales. We would urge everyone who believes that Wales needs a system of governance that would allow the Assembly to get to grips with changing the lives of the people of Wales for the better, and which will be stable, accountable and democratic, to support this Declaration.

You can sign up to the Declaration by completing the form on our website.

We the undersigned believe that the creation of a system of effective democratic governance for Wales is a matter of major importance. Such a system should:
Be efficient in its use of time and resources;
Be comprehensible and transparent;
Promote wide participation by the public and civil society;
Respect the autonomy of the National Assembly as the elected body which represents the people of Wales;
Offer constitutional stability and thus a means of concentrating on the implementation of a policy programme that can get to grips with the problems and release the potential of Wales.
We believe that this would best be achieved by the granting of primary law-making powers to the National Assembly, and we call for the holding of a referendum to that end. |
Thank you for your continued interest in Tomorrow’s Wales.

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