Friday, 5 June 2009

For the Good of the Country?

" What is my country?" Many reading this would say "My country is Wales/Scotland/England/Ireland", and not "Britain is my country". Certainly Scots would look upon their country as Scotland, the Irish Ireland, apart from northern Orangemen and women. It's all a matter of allegiance. In the past a Welsh zealot would be convicted of treason for declaring Wales to be his country. At least today nobody is hanged, or hung, drawn and quartered. The leader of Mebyon Kernow has been elected to Cornwall County Council, for example. Is he guilty of treason for conspiring against the British state?
What is good for my country? Is the return of Peter Hain good for Wales or a retrograde step, Glenys Kinnock for Europe? Baroness Royall of the fiery hair?
Who can save us from these people?
There has to be an election asap.
That, or a revolution....

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